Ekaterina Parkhomenko
Ekaterina Parkhomenko
Senior Editor, Codaru.com

Ekatarina became an editor so long ago that she can hardly remember when. An editor’s work has changed completely but the the job description is the same - you have to read and to check. What I have researched in a day:
Islamic rules for women and sex, men/women circumcision
Police weapons used against street protesters, especially laser weapons
Bitcoin and crimes connected with cryptocurrency
Rules for migrants, documents, lawyers, filtration camps
It is the best job one could ever imagine provided you are an information addict and a control freak at the same time. During my 40-something-years of work I tried, I guess, all kinds of media and all levels - from proof reader in "Theater" monthly to editor-in-chief of the Radio Svoboda website, and my work as web editor began in 1999 for Lenta.ru. Now I know that there is no such thing as useless information. Any piece of it could serve you, just wait.

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