Mariam Kiparoidze
Mariam Kiparoidze
Production and Projects Assistant

Mariam and Coda found each other during Mariam’s senior year at Free University Tbilisi in 2017. After a short-term internship, mariam became Coda’s production and projects assistant.

She’s often seen around the office alternating between editing videos and exporting her obsession with organizing stuff into administrative tasks with a bar of chocolate always by her side on the desk exquisitely decorated with pastry crumbs. Mariam is also an editor-in-chief of a Coda-wide newsletter internal publication The Coda Times. Check out our job openings to see if you can become a subscriber.

Life before Coda: Mostly having her head into books and writing research papers, occasionally looking up and conducting field researches.

Get in touch via [email protected]

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