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Foreign Proxies

Here we examine both pro-Russian and pro-Western actors setting agendas and mood on the ground in what is becoming an ideological battle over the very meaning of progress.

Foreign Proxies: Russia’s Hunt for New Friends


As Russia reasserts its global relevance, the Kremlin is forging unlikely friendships

Where Putin Wants You to Pray in Paris


The Kremlin has a plan to win back French hearts, minds and souls: ‘St Vladimir’s’ on the Seine.

Mission Implausible: The Honorary Consul of the ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’


Ukraine’s Russian-backed separatists cannot have diplomatic ties with the Czech Republic—but they won’t let that get in the way of ‘representation’

Searching for Putin’s Swedish Friends


Dissatisfied with the mainstream media, Sweden’s old left and alt-right find common ground on Russia

Made in Bulgaria: Pro-Russian Propaganda


Bulgarian fake-news agents often promote Moscow’s line not for Russia’s sake, but for their own political interests

The Monumental Obsession of Bulgaria’s Russophiles


Could a campaign to protect Soviet-era statues become a future Kremlin Trojan horse in Bulgaria?

Russia’s New ‘Useful Idiots’?


There are echoes of Soviet times in the way Russia has been courting far-right activists in the West. A new book looks at how and why it does it.

Anti-Fake News Center Doesn’t Czech


The Czech government is on the defensive over its efforts to combat Russian disinformation before this weekend’s elections

Meet the Pro-Putin YouTube Diva ‘Bigger’ than Rihanna


A Russian-born New Zealander has become one of the Kremlin’s most prolific keyboard warriors

How Kremlin Democracy Gets Foreign Approval


Among Russia’s growing band of loyal “election observers” is a German politician convicted of voter fraud and a Belgian who used to like Hitler but now prefers Stalin