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Disinformation Crisis News

: Sympathy and Suspicion from the Russian Media Towards French Protests

As France’s “yellow vests” protest movement against rising taxes and other economic issues has entered its fourth week, Russia’s pro-Kremlin media have been paying close attention. Read More

: Russian Human Rights Activist Jailed For Facebook Post

International human rights groups have demanded that Russia immediately release a 77-year-old rights activist who was sentenced to nearly a month in detention for what the authorities say was an illegal Facebook post. Read More

: Russia and Ukraine Step Up Their Media War Over Crimea Crisis

Two days after Russian ships rammed Ukrainian navy boats off the coast of the Crimean peninsula, Russian television has shown several Ukrainian sailors captured during the incident giving “confessions” that appeared to have been made under duress. Read More

: Russian TV Accuses Trump Of ‘Double Standards’ Over Khashoggi

Television channels aligned with the Russian government have seized on what they call America’s “double standards,” in response to President Donald Trump’s decision to ignore evidence implicating the Saudi Crown Prince in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Read More

: Ukrainians Appearing On Russian TV Channels Accused of ‘Sedition’

A Ukrainian editor has denounced fellow Ukrainians who appear on Russian television for money, according to a report by US-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, claiming that they are being set up as “whipping boys” to bolster the Kremlin’s agenda. Read More

: Ukrainian Far Right Attacks LGBT Activists in Kiev

Activists calling for transgender rights in Ukraine were forced to abandon a demonstration in the capital, Kiev, after far-right counter-demonstrators assaulted several protesters and attacked a Canadian journalist covering the event. Read More

: Putin ‘Didn’t Cook Up’ US Election Meddling. ‘It Was His Chef’

It wasn’t the Kremlin who came up with the idea to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, but a powerful Russian businessman dubbed “Putin’s chef.” Read More

: Midterm Result ‘Not The Worst,’ says Russian Media

The split result of the US midterms has split the Russian media too. Read More

: More ‘Junk News’ Than Ever, Study Finds

The spread of “junk news” on Twitter and Facebook has grown significantly since the 2016 U.S. election Read More

: Twitter Releases Details of Russian and Iranian Trolling

Twitter has released a trove of more than 10 million tweets that it says were linked to Russian and Iranian state-backed trolling operations. Read More

: US Spying and Stealth Diplomacy Blocked Russian Meddling in Macedonia

The U.S. government intervened to stall a Russian disinformation campaign this summer that was aimed at preventing the Balkan state of Macedonia from joining NATO, according to a report in The New York Times. Read More

: Fake ‘Manspreading’ Video Shared by Kremlin-backed Site Sparks Real Backlash Against #Metoo

A video showing a purported feminist activist supposedly pouring bleach over men on a Russian subway train for having their legs spread too wide helped spur a viral backlash against the MeToo movement after it was shared by a youth-oriented site run by the Kremlin-backed RT network (formerly known as Russia Today). Read More

: Russia’s GRU Intelligence Agency Named, Shamed and Indicted

The European Court of Human Rights has ordered the Russian government to pay compensation to a Russian citizen who was given a prison sentence 10 years ago for derogatory comments he made about the police online. Read More

: Second Russian Historian Investigating Stalin Crimes Charged With Pedophilia

A historian and museum director who has devoted much of his life to investigating a mass grave of victims of Stalin’s terror in northern Russia has been detained and charged with “indecent acts” with children, according to the Meduza news website and other sources. Read More

: New Boss For Italian State TV Is Old Fan Of Fake News

No this is not fake news. The man just appointed to run Italy’s state broadcaster, therefore overseeing its daily news output, has a history of sharing fake news on social media. Read More

: White Nationalists Exploiting YouTube’s Youth Appeal

When a debate involving the infamous white nationalist Richard Spencer arguing the case for racism was live-streamed on YouTube in January this year, it was briefly the site’s number one trending video worldwide, and it has gone on to attract hundreds of thousands of viewers. Read More

: Russia Says Ukraine Shot Down MH17 Amid Pressure Over UK Poisoning

The Russian Defense Ministry has said Ukraine was responsible for the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 four years ago, saying it did not possess the missile that brought down the jet, killing all 298 passengers and crew on board. Read More

: AP News Agency Bows to Russian Pressure Over Moscow’s WWII Pact with Nazi Germany

The Associated Press news agency has acceded to a Russian request to delete the term "former ally" from an article mentioning the Soviet Union’s pact with Nazi Germany during World War II, according to a report in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. Read More

: Russian Disinformation Prompted Turks To Blame US for 2016 Coup

Russian media outlets helped to stoke anti-American feelings in Turkey and spread claims that the United States had been behind the July 2016 coup attempt against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, according to Turkish independent news website Ahval. Read More

: Russia Thinks YouTube May Be “Interfering” in Russian Elections

The Russian government has ordered Google to prevent the country’s leading opposition figure from posting on its YouTube video sharing site, warning the U.S. tech giant that if it fails to respond it will be considered as “direct interference” in upcoming elections. Read More

: Russia Accused of New Disinformation Offensive As It Predicts Rebel “Chemical Attack”

Russia’s Defense Ministry has accused Syrian rebels of planning a chemical attack on their own people in Idlib province. Read More

: How the Kremlin Used Skype To Run a Baltic Disinformation Campaign

A trove of Skype messaging chats between an employee of a Russian state media company and a Russian citizen based in the Baltic states has provided a rare window on how the Kremlin funds and controls its efforts to influence public opinion abroad Read More

: European Court Says Russians Can Call Their Police ‘Pigs’

The European Court of Human Rights has ordered the Russian government to pay compensation to a Russian citizen who was given a prison sentence 10 years ago for derogatory comments he made about the police online. Read More

: Russian Internet Trolls Weaponized Vaccine Skepticism

Internet trolls and disinformation warriors intent on spreading political and social discord in the United States disseminated anti-vaccine messages on Twitter since 2014, according to a research report published this week. Read More

: New Revelations of Facebook Being Exploited To Spread Division

Facebook says it has uncovered more evidence of its platform being exploited to sow distrust and division, but this time with campaigns aimed at users in Latin America, Britain and the Middle East, and originating from Iran as well as Russia. Read More

: Anti-Trump Conservatives “in crosshairs” of New Russian Hacking Campaign

Microsoft has uncovered what it believes is an attempt by Russian intelligence operatives to undermine conservative American think tanks that oppose President Trump and back continued sanctions against Moscow Read More

: Russian Election Hackers “Weaponized” Facebook’s Micro-targeting

Facebook’s ability to direct advertisements at highly specific groups of people — known as micro-targeting — is coming under increasing scrutiny in the United States amid continuing concerns about Russian hacking ahead of the November mid-terms Read More

: Putin Calls For More “Positive Content” On Social Media

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, believes that there is not enough “positive content” on social media. Read More

: Press Responds En Masse to Trump Calling “Free Press Enemies of the People”

More than 300 editorials across the US have condemned President Donald J. Trump’s attacks on the free press. Trump has labeled journalists enemies of the people on numerous occasions, including in tweets, at rallies, and in interviews. Read More

: Russian Teenager Convicted for Spreading “Gay Propaganda”

A Russian schoolboy has become the first minor to be prosecuted and convicted under the country’s controversial “gay propaganda” legislation. Read More

: Fears of Voting Machine Hacking Erupts as an Issue in US Election

The potential for Russian hacking of election systems in the 2018 midterm elections has emerged as an urgent and destabilizing issue in the run-up to the U.S. elections. State and local election officials are accused of mismanagement and a lack of focus on the dangers of election systems hacking. Read More

: Senator Rand Paul Visits Russia

U.S. Senator Rand Paul is currently on a three-day trip to Russia with an American delegation to meet with Russian lawmakers. Read More

: Russian Media Omit that Killed Journalists in CAR Were Investigating Kremlin-linked Mercenary Group

Three Russian journalists were gunned down in an ambush by armed militants outside of the town of Sibut in the Central African Republic (CAR) on Monday evening, jolting the international press and sending shockwaves through Russian media. Read More

: Facebook Uncovers Campaign to Disrupt 2018 US Election

Facebook announced on Tuesday that it has uncovered a coordinated influence campaign on its website to disrupt the 2018 U.S. midterm elections. Read More

: Changing the Rules around Fake News

A report conducted by the UK Parliament has called for the implementation of tough new laws that will restrict and hold social media companies responsible for “harmful and illegal content on their platforms,” especially when it may curtail democracy. Read More

: Russian Woman Who Satirized Jesus Online Could Face 6 Years Jail

A woman living in Siberia could face up to six years in prison after being charged with hate speech and extremism for posting memes on social media that satirized Jesus and Orthodox Christian priests. Read More

: Russian Lawmakers Take A Stand Against Fake News

Long accused of being one of the main sources of the world’s fake news contagion, as well as meddling in the 2016 U.S. elections, Russia is now taking a stand against fake news, with lawmakers introducing a bill to crack down on anyone spreading falsehoods and disinformation at home. Read More

: Has the Trump Administration Softened Its Position on MH17?

The Trump Administration has come under fire for what many believe is a softening in its stance towards the Kremlin over the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, which was shot down by a Russian missile four years ago this week. Read More

: Why The Russian Police Had Such A ‘Quiet’ World Cup

You would think that the Russian police would have had one of their busiest periods on record during the recent World Cup — which has won the country glowing coverage worldwide. Read More

: Russian Media: Trump is Weak, Putin is Triumphant

After the Trump-Putin meeting, Russia won’t even need to bother with editing footage or creating propaganda: Trump said and did everything the Russian’s wanted him to. Read More

: Greece Expels Russian Diplomats Caught Trying to Fan Tensions with Macedonia

Two Russian diplomats have been expelled from Greece after they tried to bribe local officials, priests and even military officers in an effort to disrupt a deal aimed at reducing tensions with the country’s northern neighbor Macedonia. Read More

: Russia Calls Foul After Briton Dies Of Novichok Poisoning

The death of a woman in Britain who is believed to have come into contact with the Novichok nerve agent is being portrayed by the Russian media as an attempt to puncture the image boost Russia has received from hosting the World Cup Read More

: Why Has Putin Named Russian Army Units After Ukrainian Cities?

The Russian President Vladimir Putin has named several Russian Army Units after Ukrainian cities. Read More

: EU Pressure On Moscow Ahead of 4th Anniversary of Shooting Down of Malaysian Flight MH17

The leaders of the 28 member states of the European Union have called on Russia to accept responsibility for the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 Read More

: Russian Gulag Historian Detained Again

A Russian historian who has spent decades compiling details of the victims of Stalin’s purges has been arrested again by police, in what appears to be a continued continuing campaign of state harassment. Read More

: Russia Used World Cup To Bury Bad News on Pensions

The Russian authorities have been accused of using the World Cup to slip out news of a controversial change in the state retirement age, and trying to prevent the media from reporting on the decision. Read More

: New Details of Russia’s US Election’Interference’ Released

Democratic Party lawmakers have released thousands of ads placed on Twitter by the RT network during the 2016 U.S. election campaign Read More

: Why Did Holland’s Postal Service Say Sorry For A Russia World Cup Stamp?

The postal service of the Netherlands has been forced to apologize for a satirical stamp it released which depicted a passenger aircraft being hit mid-air with a football as the country prepares to mark the fourth anniversary of the shooting down of Malaysian flight MH17. Read More

: Russia Bans One-Man Protest Outside Kremlin During World Cup

A veteran British human right campaigner and LGBTQ activist was detained in Moscow before the official opening of the World Cup soccer tournament Read More

: Russian Historians Uncover ‘Secret’ Government Plan to Destroy Gulag Prisoner Archives

The Russian government has been accused of a covert attempt to cover up the history of the Soviet-era “Gulag” prison camps by destroying the records of former inmates, according to a report in Kommersant newspaper. Read More