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Young Woman in Russia To Be Released from Prison after Serving Four Months for Sharing a Three-Second Video on Social Media

News Brief

A court in Russia announced this morning that Evgeniya Chudnovets will be released from prison after serving four months for sharing a three-second video on social media.

Coda featured Chudnovets’ story in the second installment of Jailed for a Like, a video series that tracks cases of Russians imprisoned for their activity on social media. The case of Evgeniya Chudnovets sparked national debate in Russia about how to behave on social media.

The video shared by Chudnovets showed what appeared to be the sexual abuse of a young boy in a summer camp. Chudnovets, who was active on social media, shared the three-second video in a private group on Russia’s popular social media site Vkontakte with a call to investigate what was happening at this camp. Over a year later, on November 8, 2016, she was charged with distributing child pornography and sentenced to six months in prison. After an appeal, the sentence was reduced to five months and now the Kurgan regional court has overturned its verdict after Russia’s supreme court intervened and asked that the regional court reexamine the decision.