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Rewriting History

Vladimir Putin wants Russians to bask in the glow of a heroic past. This current examines how the Kremlin is trying to re-write history.

Rewriting History: Why The Kremlin is on a Drive for New Statues


Vladimir Putin’s government is making sure there is only one version of Russian history — and it is glorious

One Man’s Struggle For Russia’s Soviet Memory


The Kremlin refuses to remember Soviet POWs. A Russian architect refused to forget

In Putin’s Russia, Ivan the Terrible Becomes Ivan the Terrific


As Russia’s past is remade, its cruelest leader is a figure to admire not abhor

Russia’s Lock On Family History


The Russian government won’t allow a teacher to find out if his great-grandfather was wrongfully convicted of being a Nazi collaborator

The Kremlin’s 1917 Revolution Problem


The 100th anniversary of the October Revolution brings difficult memories for modern-day Russia

Why Russia Accuses Poland of Monumental Ingratitude


A Polish government program to remove Soviet-era “monuments of gratitude” has provoked a furious Kremlin reaction

To Bury, or Not to Bury? Russia Undecided about Legendary Hadji Murad’s Skull


The Kremlin set up an interagency commission to consider whether to reunite Murad’s skull with his body

Russia Picks Fight With Armenia Over Nazi Collaboration


Armenians responded by vigorous defenses that mostly glossed over the liberation hero’s alliance with the Third Reich

How a Canadian City Got Sucked Into Russia’s Information War


An obscure statue to a Ukrainian nationalist leader has given the Kremlin an open goal

Has Russia Perfected Multi-Media Patriotism?


A high-tech, Kremlin-backed history exhibition has been a huge hit, but some Russian historians say it’s corrupting young minds

The Unwanted History of a Russian Base


The deaths of 9,000 Soviet POWs in a former Nazi prison camp don’t fit the narrative of Russia today

Russia, Hollywood’s Mirror


Can American filmmakers find a new script for the latest round of East-West tension?

Digging Up A New Story For Stalin


Kremlin-backed historians are trying to link Finland to a mass grave of thousands of victims of Soviet repression