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Traditional Values

This Current tracks how family values have turned into a major soft power and foreign policy tool of Moscow. Traditional Values also includes reporting from our pilot edition . Coda l LGBTQ Crisis, a 6-month deep-dive exploring what has become the frontline of a fierce ideological battle over the meaning of progress.

Traditional Values: Does Kremlin-Promoted Morality Have Much To Do With Beliefs?


Moscow says it has an alternative to the concepts of “freedom” and “democracy” propagated by the West.

In St. Petersburg a Psychiatrist’s Secret Effort to Help Transgender Russians


After being forced from his job, Russia’s top transgender specialist now sees some of his patients in secret

The True Story of Georgia’s Infamous Sausage Feud


Coda embeds with Georgia’s ‘sausage extremists’ and discovers the untold story

Murder in St. Petersburg: How Disinformation Killed a Journalist


Russia’s campaign for family values has unleashed hateful rhetoric and lethal violence against gays.

Urban Dictionary of Russian Hate Speech


Clash of Narratives: A Tale of Two Georgias | Episode One: Freedom vs. Tradition


Episode One: Freedom vs. Tradition

Clash of Narratives: A Tale of Two Georgias | Episode Two: Whose West Is it Anyway?


Episode Two: Whose West Is it Anyway?

Bart’s Story: Life as a Transgender Man Living in Conservative Georgia


‘Very Dangerous’: A New Law in Armenia Aimed to Prevent Domestic Violence Is Scrapped For Being Too ‘European’


Is concern about domestic violence the new fault line in the battle between ‘liberal’ and ‘traditional’ values?

Clash of Narratives: A Tale of Two Georgias | Episode Three: Winners and Losers


Episode Three: Winners and Losers

Kremlin, Nationalists Face Off Over Romanov Romance ‘Mathilda’


Moscow’s conservative friends become its foes in campaign to defend Tsar Nicholas II’s memory

Russian TV Network Won’t Air ‘Simpsons’ Episode Over Fears of Offending Christians


Meet the Gay Russian Man Blackmailed to Infiltrate Terrorist Groups in Syria


Why the Kremlin is Waltzing over ‘Matilda’


A new movie about Russia’s last tsar, Nicholas II, and his affair with a Polish ballerina has brought protesters onto the streets — and many are Putin supporters. But the Kremlin is dancing with both sides

How Disinformation Became a New Threat to Women


Female politicians and other high profile women face a growing threat from sexualized disinformation

How Two Russian Grandmothers Turned Into An Internet Sensation


The Russian government got more than it bargained for when it slapped down a bunch of cadets for uploading a spoof dance video

Georgia’s Condemned Condoms


A cheeky contraception in Georgia renews the debate on the separation of church, state and safe sex

Small Gay Rights Rally Held in Tbilisi Amid Fears of Violence


Activists ceded the streets to homophobic priests and neo-Nazis

Putin the Pro-Choice Champion


The Russian leader’s fans among the U.S. Christian Right prefer to ignore his liberal views on abortion

For Christian Conservatives, ‘Sinners’ Are Essential Allies


From Putin to Trump, “family values” advocates say they will work with anyone to advance their agenda

Russia’s Disability “Denialism”

Film Review

A controversial new film about a boy born paralyzed has conjured nostalgia for Soviet times, when the disabled were kept out of sight