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Armed Conflict

How both anti-Western and anti-Russian spin are used to (re)define ongoing armed conflicts on both sides

Foreign Proxies

Pro-Russian and pro-Western forces play out an ideological battle for influence across the globe

Information War

The escalation of digital age propaganda into an all-out war on truth

Traditional Values

Moscow has turned family values into a major soft power and foreign policy tool

News Briefs
21 February, 2019
Russian Soldiers Now Forbidden Phones

For years social media posts by Russian soldiers have inadvertently provided digital footprints of Russia’s military presence from places where the government denies having troops on the ground. Now, the military is putting a lid on such leaks. A new law passed this week will kick active duty soldiers off the Internet for a five-year

20 February, 2019
Google Details its Battle Against Disinformation

At the Munich Security Conference last week Google unveiled new policies to tackle disinformation across its search engine, YouTube, Google News and advertising products at a time when the tech company is under attack for making fake news popular and easy to access. The 30-page report gives the most detailed explanation to date about how

19 February, 2019
UK Parliament Body Calls For New Facebook Regulation

A British parliamentary inquiry into fake news and disinformation has concluded that social media giants have violated data privacy laws and “malign forces intent on causing disruption and confusion” have interfered in elections both in the UK and globally. The report based on 18 months of research by a cross-party parliamentary panel, branded Facebook’s behavior

15 February, 2019
India’s Efforts to Stop Social Media Abuse Threaten Encryption

As India moves closer to implementing new strict tech rules that the government says would combat harmful social media content, WhatsApp has become the latest tech company to push back against the proposals — and push back hard. India, the world’s largest democracy and WhatsApp’s largest market, is gearing up for national elections later this

14 February, 2019
Russia’s Next Step Toward Sovereign Internet

Russia’s lower house parliament has passed the first reading of a bill that aims to create a fully autonomous internet in the country, the latest step Moscow has taken to disconnecting itself from the global digital world . Proponents of the draft law known as “Sovereign Internet” say that, the goal is to make Runet

11 February, 2019
Bellingcat Reveals Movements of Third Russian Skripal Poison Suspect

A third Russian military intelligence officer linked to the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in the United Kingdom last year could be linked to the poisoning of a prominent Bulgarian businessman in 2015, according to the investigative new sites Bellingcat and The Insider. The two investigative teams say they have uncovered and analyzed the

8 February, 2019
Meet Facebook’s New Fact-Checker

Facebook has signed up a new fact-checking partner this week, a two-person company called Lead Stories which has promised to spot hoaxes more quickly for the social media giant with equal doses of new technology and its founders’ enthusiasm. Facebook has come under heavy criticism amid a roiling global debate about the company’s responsibility to

5 February, 2019
India vs Big Tech in Latest Fake News Battleground

India has become the latest battleground country where global tech companies and government are fighting over the boundaries between fake news and free speech — and how far nations should be regulating social media. Last week companies including Google Facebook and Amazon pushed back against draft regulations issued by the Indian authorities to police fake

1 February, 2019
Belarussian Escort Hints of More Russian Meddling to Keep Her Silent

Belarusian escort Anastasia Vashukevich has published a tell-all book about seducing oligarchs, been in a Thai jail, and caused a corruption scandal in Russia. And that’s all before she became a secondary player in the Trump-Russia saga with titillating claims of alleged wrongdoing among White House insiders. Now, Vashukevich is muddling the waters of the

31 January, 2019
US Intel Chief Lists Disinformation a Grave Threat

The U.S. intelligence director this week warned American lawmakers that cyber attacks, including disinformation campaigns and malicious hacking, are among the top national security threats facing the country. “Our adversaries and strategic competitors will increasingly use cyber capabilities—including cyber espionage, attack, and influence—to seek political, economic, and military advantage over the United States and its

30 January, 2019
Facebook Announces ‘New Tools’ To Help Protect EU Elections

Facebook has announced it will roll out new tools aimed at preventing election meddling by making political advertising more transparent during upcoming European Parliament elections scheduled later this spring. Elections for European Parliament will take place between May 23 and 26, with hundreds of millions of people from 27 EU member countries set to vote.

29 January, 2019
Poll shows majority of Brits Ignorant of Holocaust death totals

The majority of British adults don’t know that 6 million Jewish people were murdered in Holocaust, or they believe the number killed to be much less than this confirmed historical facts, according to the results of a poll conducted by the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, a British non-profit organization. The study, published to mark International Holocaust