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Armed Conflict

How both anti-Western and anti-Russian spin are used to (re)define ongoing armed conflicts on both sides

Foreign Proxies

Pro-Russian and pro-Western forces play out an ideological battle for influence across the globe

Information War

The escalation of digital age propaganda into an all-out war on truth

Traditional Values

Moscow has turned family values into a major soft power and foreign policy tool

Rewriting History

How The Kremlin Is Airbrushing Russia’s Past

News Briefs
22 March, 2019
UK official concerned with far-right views hitting the mainstream

The deadly consequences of far-right viewpoints — many adhering to false historic facts — getting more mainstream airing have become a serious concern for security officials. In the UK, the most senior official on counter terrorism warned that mainstream media is serving as a powerful conductor for far-right messaging, in comments delivered in the wake

20 March, 2019
What do an Italian model and a Russian defector have in common? Perhaps poison

What do an Italian model and a Russian defector have in common? Perhaps poison. At least that’s what Kremlin critics are saying as Italian investigators look into the suspicious death of Imane Fadil, a 34-year-old model who until her death was better known in Italy as the woman who testified against the former Italian Prime

Xi Jinping orders new Ideology Classes to battle ‘False Ideas’

China’s President Xi Jinping wants to stamp out “false ideas”  in his nation’s schools and foster patriotism in students. But he’s not talking about fake news like the type spread by WhatsApp in India and YouTube about anti-vaccination beliefs or celebrity scandals. In his speech to Chinese  teachers of ideological and political theory in Beijing,

14 March, 2019
EU Parliament Bloc Gives Hungary an Ultimatum: Stop Fake News

The dispute between the European Union’s most powerful political bloc and the Hungarian government could reach breaking point this week over Hungary’s incendiary information war against the European project. The European People’s Party, the EU Parliament’s largest faction, gave Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s ruling party an ultimatum: stop disseminating anti-EU propaganda, or face ejection

13 March, 2019
Spain Assembles Special Unit for Election Disinformation

Spain has announced a new special intelligence unit guard against possible cyberattacks and disinformation campaigns during several elections scheduled this spring. According to El Pais, a prominent daily newspaper in Spain, the responsibilities and duties of the unit are still being worked out among officials from the National Security Department and the government, but the

12 March, 2019
UK Disinformation Researcher Hacked by Russia

A Russian cyber-attack allegedly knocked a London-based organization tasked with fighting disinformation offline in the latest cyber-strike between Western countries and the Kremlin. British government sources say Russian military intelligence, the GRU, is likely behind the hack of the Institute for Statecraft in retaliation for Britain’s implication of the GRU in the Salisbury poisoning. If

8 March, 2019
Back to USSR: Russia Prohibits Govt Criticism Online

Russian President Vladimir Putin is one step closer to making it illegal to criticize or joke about his government online. A new law sailed through Russian parliament allowing courts to jail those who “disrespect” the government, state officials or the president, according to the Guardian. Under the new measure, which Putin is expected to sign

6 March, 2019
India Pakistan Disinformation War Boils Over Again

The online battle between India and Pakistan about the truth behind their recent surge of hostilities is boiling over again. On Tuesday, the Pakistan Navy posted a video to Facebook that claimed to show an Indian submarine entering Pakistani waters, saying “the Indian Navy has deviously deployed its submarines against Pakistan in line with Indian

5 March, 2019
Facebook Sues Chinese Firms Over Fake Accounts

Facebook and Instagram are suing a number of Chinese companies and individuals over the sale and promotion of fake accounts in what the American company says amount to deceptive practices and trademark infringements. Facebook named four Chinese companies in the lawsuit filed on Friday in U.S. federal court — 9 Xiu Shenzhen, 9 Xiu Feishu,

28 February, 2019
America Knocks Russian Trolls Offline in Cyber Strike

For months leading up to the American midterm elections last November, worry mounted among U.S. intelligence officials that Russia would try to disrupt the polls as a strike against democracy. It turns out, America struck first. The U.S. military launched an offensive cyber attack by cutting Internet access for several days at one of Russia’s

27 February, 2019
Study Links Rise of Populism with Anti-Vax Acceptance

If you are skeptical about vaccines than chances are you voted for a populist political movement. That is the conclusion of a research report by by Jonathan Kennedy from Queen Mary University of London published on Monday. What links the two trends is a similar worldview — “A profound distrust of elites and experts,” according

21 February, 2019
Russian Soldiers Now Forbidden Phones

For years social media posts by Russian soldiers have inadvertently provided digital footprints of Russia’s military presence from places where the government denies having troops on the ground. Now, the military is putting a lid on such leaks. A new law passed this week will kick active duty soldiers off the Internet for a five-year

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