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Armed Conflict

How both anti-Western and anti-Russian spin are used to (re)define ongoing armed conflicts on both sides

Foreign Proxies

Pro-Russian and pro-Western forces play out an ideological battle for influence across the globe

Information War

The escalation of digital age propaganda into an all-out war on truth

Traditional Values

Moscow has turned family values into a major soft power and foreign policy tool

News Briefs
19 June, 2019
Russia denies meddling in the 2019 European Parliament elections in wake of EU report

Russia has denied participating in a disinformation campaign after the European Commission released a preliminary report, saying it had found evidence that sources from the country meddled in the European elections, which took place at the end of May. The report, published on Friday, found “continued and sustained disinformation activity” by Russian groups to spread

11 June, 2019
Kazakh authorities label protestors “radical elements” as they arrest hundreds

Hundreds of protesters have taken to the streets angered by the results in Kazakhstan’s snap election which crowned their long-time leader’s hand-picked successor as the new president. So what did the Interior Ministry do? Arrest 600 demonstrators and label them as “radical elements seeking to destabilize society.” Kazakh authorities are using a familiar disinformation playbook

7 June, 2019
Russian investigative journalist Ivan Golunov arrested amid police controversy

One of Russia’s most prominent investigative journalists was arrested in the center of Moscow Thursday as he was on route to visit a source after police said they found illegal drugs in his backpack. The independent news outlet Meduza, say that the police planted the drugs on their reporter, 36-year-old Ivan Golunov, as a way

6 June, 2019
Under user pressure, YouTube reverses itself about removing discriminatory content

YouTube has announced it will block discriminatory content just a day after it said videos that promoted racism, sexism and religious bigotry did not violate its policy. The move follows a viral Twitter thread posted on May 30th by Carlos Maza, a Vox journalist, who has been targeted by far-right YouTubers for his sexual orientation.

‘Sex with Stalin’ video game ignites fury in Russia

In Russia, a new video game invites users to meet, avenge and ultimately have virtual sex with an avatar of Joseph Stalin. Rather than ironic laughs, the game has sparked an eruption of new controversy in a country with a mixed view of the Soviet dictator’s legacy. The game, rather unimaginatively entitled “Sex with Stalin,”

5 June, 2019
Czech protests target PM over corruption allegations

Czech opposition parties massed supporters across the country Tuesday night to pressure Prime Minister Andrej Babis to resign over accusations that he illegally used his political influence to enrich his business empire, allegations brought by the European Commission that Babis has dismissed as “disinformation.” The accusations are laid out in a confidential report written by

29 May, 2019
Russian officials cite new Internet censorship law to get unflattering tax stories deleted online

Russian officials have ordered Klerk.ru, a popular online publication covering tax, accounting and legal issues to take down hundreds of posts critical of federal tax authorities and end all future critical coverage, according to the founder of the website Boris Maltsev. Launched in 2001 as www.law.listtop.ru, the site now known as Klerk.ru has nearly 3

23 May, 2019
As the European elections get underway, Facebook is drowning in fake news

From today until Sunday, European citizens will cast their votes in the European Parliament elections. And in the latest in a succession of damning reports published by US-based activism nonprofit Avaaz, it has emerged that millions of EU citizens have been exposed to far-right disinformation during this year’s campaign. “The results are overwhelming,” the report

22 May, 2019
Team of Russian Journalists quit after two of the members are forced out of a newspaper

The entire politics reporting team at Kommersant, a leading Russian national newspaper, resigned in response to the publication forcing out two of its prominent journalists on Monday. The entire 10-person unit and the deputy managing editor, Gleb Cherkasov, walked out shortly after the newspaper’s special correspondent Ivan Safranov and a politics deputy chief editor, Maksim

21 May, 2019
Protests in Yekaterinburg spark a wave of fake news online

An intensive disinformation war on social media erupted in the aftermath of street protests against the building of a new church in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Hundreds of people protested the construction of the new church in green space in the center of the bustling city, part of a wave of demonstrations over the past several years

16 May, 2019
In the fight against fake news, Italy is losing – badly

As the European Union elections draw nearer, new breeding grounds for disinformation are forming, especially in Italy. Facebook announced Sunday it had taken down 23 Italian Facebook pages with a combined reach of 2.46 million followers known to be disseminating fake messages. Many were run by automated accounts and were determined to be spreading “false

Russia bans website critical of Putin

Launched in 2015 by Artem Kruglov, “Putinism as it is” was a blog dedicated to unmasking what the Putin government actually represented, instead of what the Kremlin propaganda machine described it. It became a place for critics of Moscow to read allegations of the president’s connections with criminals and illegal activities. Until this week. When curious

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