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News Briefs
21 April, 2019
Ukraine elections marred by disinformation wars

Ukraine has long been occupied territory for Russia’s disinformation war machine. Ahead of the weekend presidential elections, which has been riddled with fake news and cyber attacks, the country went on alert bracing for more destabilizing efforts to upend the vote. Ahead of Sunday, incumbent leader President Petro Poroshenko barred Russian social networks, the search

18 April, 2019
Islamophobic fake news explodes after Notre Dame

The fire started high in Notre Dame’s roof at 6:43pm Paris time. The blaze quickly ripped through the cathedral’s roof, toppling its spire. And almost as quickly, conspiracies, whispers and lies began spreading across the internet, filled with Islamophobic hate. French prosecutors who are investigating the fire said they don’t believe the blaze was a

12 April, 2019
Russia ‘sovereign’ Internet law passes 2nd vote

Russia is one step closer to cutting the nation from the global Internet with parliament passing the second vote for the “sovereign internet” bill, keeping it on track to become a law in November this year. The bill aims to create an autonomous, “segmented” Russian internet, which lawmakers say will protect Russia from being “cut

11 April, 2019
Hungary’s latest news site spreads pro-Orban messages in English

In Hungary’s smoke-and-mirrors world of press freedom, a mysterious new player has emerged. A London-based Hungarian news site called V4NA launched Monday with an editorial line that matches many of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s favorite disinformation narratives. Scroll down the homepage and the reader is met by headlines such as “Migrant kills wife after

9 April, 2019
France ‘fake-news law’ courts censorship controversy

With the ink not yet dry, France’s anti-fake news law is already embroiled in controversy — underscoring the global debate about who should judge what is harmful online behavior. Last week, Twitter blocked a French government voter registration account in compliance with the new law that forces social media advertising and political campaigns to reveal

5 April, 2019
New Slovak President represents rare victory against disinformation

Political newcomer Zuzana Caputova has swept Slovakia’s presidential election on the back of a campaign focused on reversing a bill intended to limit press freedom, beating a candidate backed by the country’s governing party. Caputova’s win is a rare good news story for progressive movements in Europe. Her campaign overcame a wide-ranging disinformation campaign by

28 March, 2019
Ukrainian kids get inoculated against fake news

A program funded by the U.S. and U.K. governments is helping Ukrainian school children figure out truth from fiction at a time when their country and Europe is awash with fake news. IREX, an education organization involved in the project, describes in a new report how 5,000 8th and 9th graders learned to discover disinformation

26 March, 2019
Russians gloat over Mueller’s findings

Of all the parts of the world where U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report was anxiously awaited, Moscow was high on the list — especially as the place where scorn and scoffing was loudest. Russia’s state-aligned media ran busy headlines over the weekend that mimicked those from the White House: the more than two-year investigation

22 March, 2019
UK official concerned with far-right views hitting the mainstream

The deadly consequences of far-right viewpoints — many adhering to false historic facts — getting more mainstream airing have become a serious concern for security officials. In the UK, the most senior official on counter terrorism warned that mainstream media is serving as a powerful conductor for far-right messaging, in comments delivered in the wake

20 March, 2019
What do an Italian model and a Russian defector have in common? Perhaps poison

What do an Italian model and a Russian defector have in common? Perhaps poison. At least that’s what Kremlin critics are saying as Italian investigators look into the suspicious death of Imane Fadil, a 34-year-old model who until her death was better known in Italy as the woman who testified against the former Italian Prime

Xi Jinping orders new Ideology Classes to battle ‘False Ideas’

China’s President Xi Jinping wants to stamp out “false ideas”  in his nation’s schools and foster patriotism in students. But he’s not talking about fake news like the type spread by WhatsApp in India and YouTube about anti-vaccination beliefs or celebrity scandals. In his speech to Chinese  teachers of ideological and political theory in Beijing,

13 March, 2019
Spain Assembles Special Unit for Election Disinformation

Spain has announced a new special intelligence unit guard against possible cyberattacks and disinformation campaigns during several elections scheduled this spring. According to El Pais, a prominent daily newspaper in Spain, the responsibilities and duties of the unit are still being worked out among officials from the National Security Department and the government, but the

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