Information War

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News Briefs
20 February, 2019
Google Details its Battle Against Disinformation

At the Munich Security Conference last week Google unveiled new policies to tackle disinformation across its search engine, YouTube, Google News and advertising products at a time when the tech company is under attack for making fake news popular and easy to access. The 30-page report gives the most detailed explanation to date about how

19 February, 2019
UK Parliament Body Calls For New Facebook Regulation

A British parliamentary inquiry into fake news and disinformation has concluded that social media giants have violated data privacy laws and “malign forces intent on causing disruption and confusion” have interfered in elections both in the UK and globally. The report based on 18 months of research by a cross-party parliamentary panel, branded Facebook’s behavior

15 February, 2019
India’s Efforts to Stop Social Media Abuse Threaten Encryption

As India moves closer to implementing new strict tech rules that the government says would combat harmful social media content, WhatsApp has become the latest tech company to push back against the proposals — and push back hard. India, the world’s largest democracy and WhatsApp’s largest market, is gearing up for national elections later this

8 February, 2019
Meet Facebook’s New Fact-Checker

Facebook has signed up a new fact-checking partner this week, a two-person company called Lead Stories which has promised to spot hoaxes more quickly for the social media giant with equal doses of new technology and its founders’ enthusiasm. Facebook has come under heavy criticism amid a roiling global debate about the company’s responsibility to