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Geopolitical Ruptures

In this Current we bring you stories directly from refugee “hotspots” in Germany and examine the effects of the crisis on the very idea of Europe.

Geopolitical Ruptures: The Migration Earthquake


Pressure at the Gates: Syrians Look to Germany as EU Deal Falters


In Turkey, refugees and smugglers are hoping for the EU deal to collapse

The Next Migrants


Sub-Saharan Africa is poised to dominate future migration to Germany

An Afghan Singer Takes the Stage and Faces Deportation


The case of Ahmad Shakib Pouya has galvanized supporters appalled by Germany’s deportation of the celebrity musician

Tajik Asylum Seekers Stranded at the EU Border


Human Rights Groups Say Polish Border Guards at EU Border are Systematically Refusing Asylum-Seekers from Tajikistan Entry

Asylum Seekers Running Out Of Options As Migration Backlash Goes Global


European governments are drawing harder lines between who is and who isn’t welcome.

Europe, Germany Brace for African Migrants as Record Numbers Land in Sicily

Text & Photos

As European countries pull back from past commitments to accepting refugees, tens of thousands linger in Italy as they navigate an overwhelmed asylum system.