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Integration Issues

This Current focuses on Germany, exploring a country trying to adjust to the unexpected crisis and on refugees in the process of integrating.

Integration: Not Leaving


Can Europe integrate millions of migrants or are they forever guests?

For Afghan Families in Germany, Deportation Looms

Text & Photos

Having risked their lives and spent their savings to get to Germany, two Afghan families now face deportation

German Volunteers Surmount Refugee Backlash


Almost ten percent of Germans help out migrants and refugees despite rising anti-immigrant backlash

An Unexpected Radicalization Strains Germany’s ‘Field Experiment’


A Syrian refugee’s terrorist attempt sows national reproach and alarm

How Pregnant Asylum Seekers Navigate Birth and Bureaucracy in Germany


Without birthright citizenship, babies born to asylum seekers may become stateless

‘Life Is Not For Everyone’: A Syrian Teenager Struggles to Endure Family Pressures and German Bureaucracy


In Berlin, an overwhelmed asylum system tests the bonds of family and the mental health of young refugees

Refugees Paid One Euro an Hour by German Employment Program


Germany is expanding its job program for asylum seekers. But 100,000 new jobs paying 80 cents an hour stirs resentment

‘Anywhere You Live, There is Your Home’: Story of a Refugee Holding on in Berlin’s Tempelhof