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Video Series


Meet Vika, a 47-year-old trans woman from Siberia. "Transmoskva" follows Vika as she completes her transition and struggles to find acceptance in an increasingly intolerant society.

Jailed for a Like

Coda’s mini-documentary series tells the stories of Russians who have been prosecuted or imprisoned for their posts, shares or likes on social media.

Clash of Narratives

Why are people so stuck in their own echo chambers? Coda’s new series Clash of Narratives explores what it’s like to be on two opposing sides of a narrative.

Animated Shorts

Using a network of local artists Coda brings print stories to life

LGBTQ Crisis Videos

Videos, animations, and shorts from Coda Story’s LGBTQ Crisis coverage.

More Videos

How Russia is Trying to Redress North Korea’s image

Russia’s leading state TV channel is selling a new narrative for the isolated dictatorship, as a fashion destination

How Russia Weaponized Primetime

The Kremlin has found the perfect vehicle to spread its message: drama and comedy hits on its own TV channels