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Disinformation Crisis

Coda’s team investigates how propaganda warfare is increasingly shaping narratives, politics and lives around the world.

Migration Crisis

Coda’s team investigates how the migration crises challenges politics, society and the very definition of national identity in Europe.

LGBTQ Crisis

Coda’s team investigates the ideological battle—over values, traditions and the meaning of progress—that pits the Kremlin against the West.

. Eurasia | Disinformation Crisis

Digital technology has made information accessible for billions, but it is also easily manipulated. Societies are already paying a price for the menace of unreality.

. Europe | Migration Crisis

Migration challenges politics, society and the very definition of national identity in Europe.

. Eurasia | LGBTQ Crisis

LGBTQ is no longer just an expression of identity but an ideological front line in the battle over values, traditions and the meaning of progress.

. What is Coda Story?

Coda Story is a single-issue web platform that puts a team of journalists on one crisis at a time and stays with it, providing unique depth, continuity and understanding to events that shape our world. Coda is for those who believe that understanding a crisis is essential to addressing it and those who want to know what happened after the spotlight moved on. In music a Coda is a distinctive passage, usually towards the end, which defines the entire composition. In journalism we want to be a stand-alone voice which helps to define a crisis.


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