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Disinformation Crisis

Coda’s team investigates how propaganda warfare is increasingly shaping narratives, politics and lives around the world.

Migration Crisis

Coda’s team investigates how the migration crises challenges politics, society and the very definition of national identity in Europe.

LGBTQ Crisis

Coda’s team investigates the ideological battle—over values, traditions and the meaning of progress—that pits the Kremlin against the West.

. Eurasia | Disinformation Crisis

Digital technology has made information accessible for billions, but it is also easily manipulated. Societies are already paying a price for the menace of unreality.

. Europe | Migration Crisis

Migration challenges politics, society and the very definition of national identity in Europe.

. Eurasia | LGBTQ Crisis

LGBTQ is no longer just an expression of identity but an ideological front line in the battle over values, traditions and the meaning of progress.

. What is Coda Story?

Coda Story is a single-issue web platform that puts a team of journalists on one crisis at a time and stays with it, providing unique depth, continuity and understanding to events that shape our world. Coda is for those who believe that understanding a crisis is essential to addressing it and those who want to know what happened after the spotlight moved on. In music a Coda is a distinctive passage, usually towards the end, which defines the entire composition. In journalism we want to be a stand-alone voice which helps to define a crisis.


. Latest Stories

Decrying Fake News, Governments Jail Journalists

Dispatch President Trump turned “fake news” into a rhetorical cudgel. The world’s authoritarians have turned it into a crackdown on free speech.

Russia, The New Power in Central Africa

Feature With military aid and even funds for beauty contests, Moscow is on a charm offensive to make the troubled Central African Republic part of a new axis of influence

Moscow’s Diplomatic Trolls

Listicle Russian embassy social media accounts are now on the frontline of the Kremlin’s global information war. We’ve been looking at the messages they put out

Defending Journalists in an Era of ‘Destroyed Rights’

Perspective The vicious digital campaign to silence Filipino news site Rappler and its CEO Maria Ressa makes clear that it’s time for a new charter for human rights online

How Kremlin Democracy Gets Foreign Approval

FEATURE Among Russia’s growing band of loyal “election observers” is a German politician convicted of voter fraud and a Belgian who used to like Hitler but now prefers Stalin

A Bridge Too Far For Russia’s Propagandists

Film Review A romantic comedy about Crimea written by the boss of Kremlin-backed RT is getting the thumbs down from Russian moviegoers

Digging Up A New Story For Stalin

Feature Kremlin-backed historians are trying to link Finland to a mass grave of thousands of victims of Soviet repression

Dana Rohrabacher Defends Himself — and Putin — in Battle to Keep His House Seat

Video How a Republican Cold War hawk went from fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan to fighting the Kremlin's critics in Congress.

Polluted By A War of Words

Dispatch When a Crimean town was engulfed by toxic gas, public safety concerns were lost in a cloud of disinformation.

How Cambridge Analytica Did It

Video An exclusive interview with a former insider on how Cambridge Analytica microtargeted US voters.

Moscow Stirs Fear of American Germs

Dispatch Russian military officials renewed their scare campaign about a U.S. research lab in Georgia, this time bringing Azerbaijan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan into it, as well.

Putin’s Bid To Be A ‘Smarter’ Big Brother

Feature Changes to Russia’s “anti-extremism” laws may mean more extreme censorship

The New Cold Front in Russia’s Information War

Feature As NATO’s footprint grows in Norway, Moscow may be using an espionage case to inflame the country’s internal divisions

Russia’s Disability “Denialism”

Film Review A new Russian film about a father’s rough treatment of his paralyzed son appalls critics but stokes nostalgia for Soviet times, when the disabled were kept out of sight

For Christian Conservatives, ‘Sinners’ Are Essential Allies

Dispatch From Putin to Trump, “family values” advocates say they will work with anyone to advance their agenda

Putin the Pro-Choice Champion

Feature The Russian leader’s fans among the U.S. Christian Right prefer to ignore his liberal views on abortion

Russia, Hollywood’s Mirror

Feature Can American filmmakers find a new script for the latest round of East-West tension?

The Unwanted History of a Russian Base

Feature The deaths of 9,000 Soviet POWs in a former Nazi prison camp don’t fit the narrative of Russia today

Now Healthcare Is a Weapon in Ukraine’s War

Feature Russian-backed separatists are using medical treatment to try to win support for their cause.

Internal Documents Show How Trump Administration Misled Public on Poverty

Dispatch Economic advisers questioned administration’s data but were ignored.

Deadly Spiral: In Russia HIV/AIDS Denialists and Conspiracists Find a Soft Targt

Feature {{description}}

Dissecting the Trump-Russia Dossier

Analysis President Trump calls it the “Fake Dirty Dossier.” We have been through every line of former MI6 agent Christopher Steele’s allegations to assess their accuracy

Holland’s Struggle With Its 9/11

Feature Nearly 200 Dutch people died when MH17 was shot down over Ukraine. Four years on, the relatives have to battle Russian disinformation, as well as their own emotions.

Don’t Call Us Information Warriors

Feature US government-funded channels like “Current Time” face a test in the age of Putin and Trump.

Why the Facebook Data Harvesting Scandal is Nothing New For Russians

Viewpoint Russian companies can hoover up the likes, shares and comments of people online without worrying about any rules or regulation

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